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Lithofin mn stain stop for all natural and artificial stone

This special impregnator provides optimal protection for absorbent natural and artificial stone surfaces, setting the standard in protection levels. Largely prevents oil, water and grease...

Lithofin MN Stain Stop
Sale priceFrom £16.39
Lithofin stainstop w waterbed nano impregnator

This water based impregnator effectively protects surfaces against the penetration of oil, water and grease and largely prevents staining. Facilitates care for easier maintenance. Suitable...

Sale priceFrom £42.95
Lithofin stain stop eco for limestone and other natural stones

This ready-to-use special impregnator is water based and virtually odourless. Easy to apply, the product ensures optimal protection against water, oil and grease stains and...

Lithofin MN Stain Stop Eco
Sale priceFrom £50.26
Lithofin kf protective impregnator

This special impregnator effectively protects porcelain tiles and grout lines from staining. Prevents penetration of water, oil, grease and dirt and makes maintenance easier.  Lithofin...

Lithofin KF Protective Impregnator
Sale priceFrom £26.12
Stain Stop for ceramic and quarry tiles

This ready-to-use special impregnator protects absorbent, stain-sensitive unglazed ceramic and quarry tile surfaces against stains. Prevents penetration of oil, grease and water, making maintenance easier.

Lithofin KF Stain Stop
Sale priceFrom £27.98
Lithofin MN colour intensifier for all natural and artificial stone

Improves the appearance of absorbent natural and artificial stone surfaces with rough, honed or flamed finishes. Invigorates the colours and enhances the structure without creating...

Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier
Sale priceFrom £27.40
Lithofin Protector - Casdron - Lithofin

This special protector for quartz composite and similar artificial stones provides proper surface protection. The highly active treatment contains components that produce a strong oil...

Lithofin Protector for Quartz Composite
Sale priceFrom £102.97
Lithofin Stainstop PLUS oil repellent, colour enhancing impregnator

This special impregnator protects against staining, intensifies the colour structure and facilitates maintenance. Contains high-quality water and oil repellent agents. Suitable for absorbent rough to...

Lithofin Stainstop PLUS
Sale priceFrom £30.02
Lithofin multi seal water based sealant

Forms a natural satin sheen protective film that is hard wearing and embellishes the appearance; suitable for rough and honed natural stone, slate and concrete...

Lithofin Multi Seal
Sale priceFrom £36.28
Lithofin Care Sheen for all natural and artificial stone

For the restoration of a sheen on polished marble and granite floor surfaces that have become matt or dull. Forms an easy-to-polish protective film and...

Lithofin MN Care Sheen
Sale priceFrom £23.66
MN Cobble Wax for marble and other limestones

Creates a hardwearing film with a richly coloured silky shine to enhance the appearance and makes the surface less sensitive and easier to maintain. Ideal...

Lithofin MN Cobble Wax
Sale priceFrom £27.20
Lithofin Care Seal for all natural and artificial stone

Forms a shiny protective film that strengthens the colour and gloss to enhance the appearance. For touching up and protecting rough and honed marble and...

Lithofin MN Care Seal
Sale priceFrom £22.87
Lithofin mn polish for all natural and artificial stone

For improving the appearance and providing protection; provides gloss and protection while enhancing the colour structure. Takes care of polished and finely honed surfaces and...

Lithofin MN Polish (Liquid)
Sale priceFrom £31.79
Lithofin Grout Protector for porous grouting

For protecting cement based grout joints around ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles. Protects against grease, oil and dirt penetrating into the grout and helps to...

Lithofin KF Grout Protector
Sale priceFrom £28.97
Lithofin mn polish

A care product for polished stone surfaces that have been pre-treated with an impregnating sealant. For freshening up the polish and for touching up dull...

Lithofin MN Polish Cream
Sale priceFrom £11.57
Lithofin classic primer for cotto, terracotta and clay slabs

1st step of the CLASSIC method: works as a primer to reduce absorbency of the surface and renders the surface water repellent. This is the...

Lithofin TC Classic Primer
Sale priceFrom £28.68
Lithofin TC Classic Wax

2nd step of the CLASSIC method: For the treatment of surfaces that have been pre-treated with Lithofin TC Classic Primer. Forms an easy to polish,...

Lithofin TC Classic Wax
Sale priceFrom £27.20
Lithofin ever sheen for cotto and terracotta floors

For use with the CLASSIC method: Forms a shiny protective film that enhances the appearance and reinforces the effectiveness of the original protective treatment. Makes...

Lithofin TC Ever Sheen
Sale priceFrom £18.08
Lithofin impregnator for cotto, terracotta, clay slabs

1st step of the MODERN method: A ready-to-use, solvent free impregnator to prevent oil, water and dirt penetrating the surface. Applied before the final treatment...

Lithofin TC Impregnator
Sale priceFrom £47.58
Lithofin sealant for cotto, terracotta and clay slabs

2nd step of the MODERN method: For surfaces which have been pre-treated with Lithofin TC Impregnator. Produces a naturally bright, shiny and neutral appearance. Free...

Lithofin TC Sealant
Sale priceFrom £35.95
Lithofin P&L Shine Protector

A special product for parquet, laminate, cork, linoleum and other synthetic floors. Protects and enhances the surface with a natural sheen film for preventing scratches,...

Lithofin P&L Shine Protector
Sale priceFrom £16.80
Lithofin Splash Stop

For preventing water and dirt from being absorbed; makes surfaces water-repellent, protects against moisture penetration and reduces susceptibility to dirt contamination. Surfaces stay clean longer...

Lithofin Splash Stop
Sale priceFrom £29.87