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Lithofin is renowned in the industry for its scientifically advanced products that clean, protect and maintain stone and tiles in great condition. Casdron Enterprises Ltd has been the sole distributor of Lithofin products in the UK & Ireland since 1988.

For over 30 years, Casdron has been offering the advanced Lithofin products and the same famous technical support, so you can find the right product for the right job, and enjoy the same great results.

The Lithofin products are formulated and manufactured by Lithofin, based in Wendlingen, Germany where research and development, production and warehousing are united under one roof.

Cleaning, protecting, and maintaining natural and artificial stone and ceramics is our focus, and in Germany the products are researched and tested intensively. The German quality management system (certified according to DIN ISO 9001) and the environmental management system (certified according to DIN ISO 14001) set the highest standard for the safety of all product processes and for the protection of our environment.

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