Premium products for cleaning, sealing and maintaining all natural stone, ceramics and porcelain. For indoor and outdoor for household use.

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Lithofin shower cabin and bath cleaner

For removing limescale deposits, water marks and soap scum, etc., from shower enclosures made of plastic and glass and also baths. A self-acting, disinfecting cleaner...

Lithofin KF Shower Cabin Cleaner
Sale priceFrom £17.84
Lithofin stove and oven glass cleaner

A special LITHOFIN product for removing soot and burnt-in residues from cookers, oven glass doors and fireplaces, wood burning stoves, etc. Sensitive surfaces must be...

Lithofin Stove & Ovenglass Cleaner
Sale priceFrom £16.98
Lithofin steel cleaner

Highly active ingredients quickly dissolve grease, oil and dirt deposits making blemishes such as finger prints easy to wipe off. Additives provide a protective effect,...

Lithofin Steel Clean
Sale priceFrom £25.66
Limescale Away for showers, taps, bath and basin.

Dissolves limescale, water spots and similar deposits quickly and effectively. Suitable for ceramic and porcelain tiles, sanitary fittings, water taps, shower heads and kettles, etc....

Lithofin KF Limescale Away
Sale priceFrom £15.88
Lithofin Plastic cleaner for all plastic surfaces domestic and commercial

Quickly and effectively cleans plastic surfaces to remove oil, grease, general dirt and adhesive residues. For thoroughly cleaning all types of plastic in domestic and...

Lithofin Plastic Cleaner
Sale price£12.58
Lithofin MN easy clean for stone kitchen work tops

For regular cleaning of natural and artificial stone kitchen counters, table tops, vanity units and sink areas. Removes dirt, oil and grease residues and provides...

Lithofin MN Easy Clean Spray
Sale priceFrom £15.92

KF Cement Residue Remover

I bought your product and it works a treat.

MN Power Clean

Thanks for your help on this - Power Clean worked very well. It’s good stuff.


I have to say Lithofin Rust Ex worked brilliantly and saved me having to replace stones which would have been a lot more time consuming.


The floor looks absolutely amazing - great depth of colour, beautiful sheen and we are really impressed. Sincerely appreciate your professional advice.

KF Grout Cleaner

Very pleased with the results, the grout is so much better after using this product.

Wax Off

I was so worried I had ruined the tiles but after using Lithofin wax off the tiles have recovered.